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Picspam: 5 reasons why Meredith/Derek are my OTP.

I finally finished this picspam for thursdaymornin join if you haven't already (yes, I'm pimping out my own community), it was harder than I though it would be. Meredith and Derek are just too awesome, I can't wait for Thursday, Yay! Five years in the making!

.05: Boy Meets Girl

The way these two meet is so full of win. I love that she's trying to ignore him, while all he wants to do is sex her up talk to her. And he's whole "I'm someone you need to get to know to love" is so true. Also, the fact that they look so very pretty in this scene makes it so much better. All they wanted was a fun night, who knew they would turn out to be soul-mates? *raises hand*

.04: Want

The thing I really enjoy about these two is that they always want each other. No matter what is happening they always want to be together. The looks they give each other *sigh* I'm not gonna lie I LOVED the longing that was going on during S2 and the last half of S4 but that doesn't mean I want to go back to that. I'm enjoying them in S5 as a couple too much.

.03: Neuro Nerds

Their love for Surgery/Neurosurgery adds to their amazing-ness. I love them going into doctor mode, it fun and sexy. Especially when they work together, the looks they give each other in the O.R. *sigh*
Just for the record, I will be severely pissed if Mer doesn't go into Neuro.

.02: Chemistry

Honestly, chemistry is what makes the couple, if you don't have it, your not gonna last. No matter how amazing the writing is, the ship will eventually sink. These two definitely have the chemistry, though. I don't know how to explain it, it's just so amazing and real. They don't even have to be touching (even thought I prefer the touching).

.01: Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey

They are the only reason I kept coming back, especially during the fuckery we call S3/S4. I would have given up on any other show but these to are just too awesome and they are the reason I kept rooting for MerDer, if it weren't for these two and their undeniable chemistry, I would have given up.

Bonus; They're bringing sexy back

Another reason to love this couple: they get all the best sex scenes.

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